Mythos: Sudoku

AVAILABLE NOW - A mythic sudoku adventure. Explore a forgotten history and experience sudoku in a whole new way as you find your way off of a mysterious island.

Ocarina of Time Randomizer Sudoku

A sudoku adventure with 6 variant puzzles themed to the various temples from Ocarina of Time. Collect items and remove obstacles to progress in this novel re-imagining of sudoku.


Mow lawns and don't run out of fuel.

Made for Ludum Dare 54.

Jam Page
10 Second Dating

You're at a speed dating event...but the dates are only 10 seconds long! How do you win someone over in 10 seconds? Give them gifts, obviously.

Made for Ludum Dare 51.

Jam Page

"Oh, hey. Want to play some chess? That whole checkmate thing is complicated, so I made it so you can't win. But it's fun to just play, right?"

Made for Ludum Dare 50.

Jam Page
Space Ace in: Meltdown Madness

Space Ace is here to save the day...that is, until something goes terribly wrong and now his ship is out of control! Help him navigate through to safety!

Made for Ludum Dare 49.

Jam Page
Koinax Loop

A racing game with infinite laps. Collect a new upgrade/powerup after each lap and try to get a lap time of under 30 seconds.

Made for Ludum Dare 47.

Jam Page